Sunday, January 2, 2011

Momma's Craft Mecca

For my Metamorphosis Monday this week- I have a doozie! My Momma's Craft Mecca needed to be cleaned up since she'd been busy this fall with several craft shows and then Christmas crept up on us all. Her room was in total disarray and she needed help. Of course, we jumped in and didn't remember to take pictures along the way- which is better because it was a mess and she'd be embarrassed to have let you see it. We were just going to do a little cleaning/straightening but then we rearranged some of the really big pieces in the room. Welcome to My Momma's Craft Mecca!
Jars of buttons, hardware, keys, bits and baubles!
This shelf was on another wall and couldn't be utilized because the table was in the way. The books are organized so she can easily find the foreign language section, hymnals or textbooks for cosmetology- you just never know when you'll need that in a hurry!
A shelf full of lace, ribbon and string- heaven!

Punches, punches, punches! The ones mom uses often are on a shelf near her work table but these are the over flow. Easy to get to though!
What a storage space! The big bookshelf came from "England's Auction" in Grandview, MO, for $17. Such a great deal. The paper on the shelves was added by mom but she didn't have to do the painting.
The cat helped the whole time so it's fitting that she showed up in the pictures. The black shelves are Rubbermaid and are on wheels. When mom is working she can roll this shelving to where she is creating.
Projects being worked on and some that are finished are displayed here. Best part- notice that open shelf at the top. Room to grow!

A wire rack turned inspiration board. The Merry is a license plate I gave mom for Christmas. The postcard is from a very creative plumber who writes messages that go with the colorful designs. He cuts them to perfect postcard size and then mails them! Great way to save money and not be frustrated by lack of envelopes.
Love the cricut and jukebox full of cartridges!
I love having the small pieces displayed and close at hand. She'll be able to see what she has and put it to good use.

Here is the black shelf rolled over to the table/work area. So convenient!

The view from the table! Dad hooked up the tv and we enjoyed some FoodNetwork while we were crafted this evening.

Room to grow!
A beautiful space to get your craft on! I'm so glad I could help her organize when my room in the basement is ready, she's coming to Illinois to help me! :)


  1. Thanks for all the help, I couldn't have done it without you, hugs and kisses, love, mom

  2. Your craft room is great. I bet you love going in it and creating. I have a craft room too and have started to call it my studio with the hopes that I will become an artist in that space:o)

  3. I would so love to have room for a craft/sewing room- very envious!

  4. Great space to create!!

    I have a craft room/office. But it's so unorganized I'm not inspired to create in it. It's on my list for this year.

  5. I'm so happy for you and your mom...what a great way to do something you love, and connect to each other!


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