Thanks for stopping by our creations! Here are some of my favorite things I've made....
 White Bird, Black Box (we are pretty sure that could have been a Beatles song!)
 Look closely- it says Don't Kill the Birds! Makes me think of the book Hoot.
 Gentle transition from Fall to Winter with a little dove and Joy! Joy! Joy!  Loved the bittersweet Aaron brought me so I kept the fall decor just a wee-bit longer this year.  Emily's mom got this Joy! Joy! Joy! Dove as a Christmas gift. She loved it!
 Funky Kleenex Birdie Box: Yep, those are pearls and lace and rosettes- just a few of my favorite things!
She immediately was taken off the naughty list for sitting so well and allowing me to take this picture. Jovie, on the other hand, is another story!
de Tin- great filled with pinecones, flowers, candy, treats, anything you can imagine!

The above silhouette calendar has a precious picture for each month.  I love this with the drummer boy and Christmas tree. In addition to the twelve silhouettes there is a birthday silhouette.  The numbers on this calendar are simple.

These calendars are made from baking sheets and magnetic parts.  The other eleven months of the year, as well as additional calendar pieces, are stored on the backside.  Each calendar is slightly different because I am gathering numbers from all sorts of sources. 
I'm so glad this little angel is now living at my friend Lynda's home!

This family sign (which is open front- no glass so it has a bit more dimension) was given as a present by Tina for Christmas 2010 to her aunt.  She also ordered a similar family picture with a specific song in the back ground. It was a one of kind, personalized gift for her sister.
Large Atlas Wreath

Vintage Botanical Print that lives with my friend Kelly.  I added roses around the middle that I made from paper. I love that I still get to see it!

1970's book about Lady's Clubs (cone wreath with wheat and bittersweet)
**So glad this piece is now keeping Val and Daynna company at their home!

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  1. Your so creative :) I'll have to purchase something soon.


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