Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Day Tablescape

This is a great gift that us District 87 friends rarely see. Six o'clock news and the "closed tomorrow" message for us. What a great way to settle in, knowing we don't have to leave for work in the morning, and watch the blizzard and listen to the thundersnow!
The mug says "DREAM." What an excellent reminder as you sit down to eat and see the map of the USA. Dream of warm places you'd like to be right now!

Simple pages from a vintage almanac host clear charger plates, yellow salad plates from Nell Hill's extreme sale and the casserole dish on the top is from the Dollar Store. The casserole dish came complete with chicken pot pie- that last part was from my friend's kitchen! I need to get them back to her but I've been snowed in. Also, grandma always said, "Never return a dish empty." So...I'll take the casserole dish back with snow-day goodies when we return to school. Sometimes I wonder if that is why she brings me her dishes...hmmmm!
The silverware was a gift from my mom. They are an appetizer size set and I love them. Since this table is where I eat breakfast, I just need a small plate and utensils. The "chargers" are actually small plates! Dreaming of Florida... better stick to those small plates so the bathing suit fits when the snow finally melts.
It so delights to me to get bulbs from a friend every Christmas. We force them and have a beautiful bloom about mid-February...when spring starts to flirt with us but gray days can bring us down.
"The Top of the World"
I felt this was appropriate since I'm sure our weather is that like of the North Pole. Aren't these little white birds too cute? A gift from my mom, she got them at Target a few years ago.
Love the cover of this old almanac- the dates stamped on it make my heart sing!
This mug says "THINK." Think of the possibilities for warm places to travel to in the world! Also, this world map makes me reflect on the issues in Egypt and the Australian weather trouble. Makes our little blizzard seem not so bad in the whole scheme of things!
A candle to warm you and light your case the power can't withstand this storm.
Wayne and Sally keeping an eye on the extra candles, lighters, batteries and flashlights in case the electricity disappears.
Sending good thoughts to you all amidst this wintery storm. Here's to surviving the Snownotorious B.I.G. (P.S. I cannot take credit for coming up that, but I love it all the same!)

I linked up the Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch! Check out all the fun over at Susan's blog! Also, I am #100 on her list this week. AND we had our 100th day of school this week. Love it!!!

Peanut Butter Truffles

Snowed in and needed to make goodies in case the power went out! These peanut butter truffles are a play on the oreo truffles I've shared with my friends. We have enjoyed snacking on the penaut buttery goodness version during our time cooped up and between movies, projects and video games.
Teddy Grahams were hanging out in the pantry next to the peanut butter. Wrong place at the wrong time! No fancy recipe here as it was a see-what-happens adventure! Tossed in 1/2 package of cream cheese and pulsed the poor Teddies.
Former Teddies pulsed together. They needed a bit more peanut butter to taste perfect.
Chilling in the fridge before their chocolate bath. Notice all the food I had packaged for the week! Steak, pasta, salads, apple sauce, jello parfaits were all ready to be put into lunch bags...and then came Snowtorious B.I.G. and we couldn't even get out of the yard!
After the dip in chocolate...and a taste test!