Thursday, March 24, 2011

#4 Book

I have the most talented friends! The fourth book I read in my challenge is a novel that a budding author hasn't even been published yet and I got to enjoy it. Actually, I devoured it!!! So very good and I can't wait until the next one is finished. If she is so inclined...hmm, mmm...she'll add a comment here and tell you more about it!


  1. Thank you, Mandy, for the kind words about the novel. Black Creek is a romance/suspense set in scenic upstate New York. The characters are strong and intelligent and find themselves twined between attraction to each other and solving a renewed cold case murder. I absolutely loved writing it, posting it chapter by chapter to my website,, and working on the sequel. Readers who ‘like’ the R.T. Wolfe facebook page receive updates when new chapters are loaded. Happy reading!

  2. I would have given away something important if I had tried to tell about the book so I'm glad you came along and explained it so beautifully! As spring shows her beauty, I keep thinking of the elegant ways you described this time of year in the book. Thanks for sharing!!!

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