Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun Day of Shopping...and a new thing!

What a fun weekend we had shopping at estate sales, some garage sales, at the thrift stores and at the architectual salvage! I can also add an item to the 35 New Thing Challenge- I went to an estate from a company I had never heard of before and it was incredible!!! Great prices! The day off from coaching softball because of the rain was well spent...literally, I was spent at the end of the day and all my money was spent!

It has been a couple of weeks now and I've been enjoying usnig the buttons and mason jars already. The house has been painted a yellow color, similar to the Big Bird Bed and Breakfast (the name we have given to our home!) and I can't wait to add miniatures and other littles to it. Notice the adorable bunny salt and pepper shakers? They are exactly like the ones my grandmother had. I love their precious little faces!!!Awesome score on the buttons also! Love the little jars they came in and how they were already separated into colors. It was half price time at the estate sale so the price could not be beat. They were one or two dollars a piece. I don't want to use any of them because they look so cute in these jars. The shelf they are sitting in was bought from the former money manager from District 87. I'm sure his garage sale money is funding his fishing trips with my former principal.

The shelves I bought will be perfect for craft shows in the summer and I better get to work on transforming some of these goodies!!!

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

First Flower of Spring

I love the old bottles that we have gathered from so many different places over the years. This single stem fits so perfectly in the middle bottle of this set. This is a small window that looks out onto our garden. The chives from year are coming back and so is the oregano. I can't wait until the squares are filled with produce for us to feast on.

I know that it is Tablescape Thursday but you are getting a Windowscape as the day winds down. Tonight as my love came through the door, this was my gift! After a long day of running kids all around and chasing around my third graders and then running kids around this evening and throwing together some dinner, it was a beautiful present!