Monday, December 26, 2016

Merry Everything and Happy Always! {Christmas home tour}

A quick evening Christmas tour (the pictures were taken over the past week as the happiness and love of the holiday filled my heart). Welcome...  After we drove around looking at Christmas lights and listening to The Coffeehouse's acoustic mix of wonderful holiday music, this vignette on our porch just made me smile. This is on our front porch and through the window you can see the tree with presents piled around it! We spoiled our nieces and nephew for sure this year. However, don't think the presents are piled from the ground...Addison would never have allowed that. They are on an old suitcase and an ottoman so she cannot gain full and easy access to them.   
We were gifted the gorgeous poinsettia from our insurance agent and friends at his office. Very thoughtful and an amazing pop of color in our office...and it's huge (and still alive which we are pretty impressed with ourselves over)! I took this one night just before heading to bed. So peaceful. 
 Silver, white and burlap cover our tree this year while packages were wrapped in mostly red.  
 Good night, from our humble home to yours! 

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