Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Pink!

The pink paint NEEDED to be on the inside of these boxes. All these pieces were just hanging around my craftroom...which will soon be my "studio"...and I love the way they look in here. It was like I picked each piece thinking it would belong in this set.

The jar has "Geo Gridley Druggist Bloomington ILL" stamped on it. I wonder how this plays into the history of Bloomington being that the Gridleys played such an important role in the development and scandals of early Bloomington. Very interesting!


  1. Your little memory boxes are so cute....I adore miniatures and this is such a unique way to display teeny tinies.

  2. Thanks! I love, love, love littles. My friends and I are always on the search for the fun teeny tinies that make us smile. These really were just hanging around the house and fit so perfectly. The box is living in my powder room on the main floor of our house. Each time I see it, I smile.

  3. oh my ....SOOOOO pretty!!!!! You have such a fabulous eye!! It's just scrumptious!!!

  4. So, so!


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