Sunday, November 28, 2010

Central Catholic Show

We had a great time at the Central Catholic show on November 27. Saturday we had our booth next to a P90X Lady so we came home doing butt flexes and "jumping for joy" which was good after all our Thanksgiving feasts. We were surrounded by interesting people and the day was very enjoyable.
This was towards the front of our booth. Our Christmas time creations were a very popular section all day long!

Here is the box of rosettes that we created. Dani looked great in her pearly-flower two booths down from us.

The Amelia Earhart suitcase held our Christmas tags and cards. These were an extremely popular item as we entered the holiday shopping season.

Name banners and word banners spread spirit. Contact me and I'll make any name, word, or team you want! The family pictures on the bottom rack can be created from any song or book that you want. Other words that look great on these are last names, faith, love, and teach.
If you are working on your Christmas list and didn't get a chance to buy that special gift during the show Saturday, contact me via email or leave a comment here. Also, our kitchen table creations "creations" section has items that I currently have and would be happy to sale to you.
Happy Shopping!

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