Monday, June 15, 2015

This Beautiful Life: 2015

The current collection at Kelly's Bakery & Cafe is titled The Beautiful Life: 2015. It has been awhile since I put my artwork together as a collection but they were all coming together so perfectly this time! I really enjoyed using some old letters that I bought when Blooming Grove Academy closed to create different sayings. I've used the letters on top of my upcycled cabinet and utilized various filters and editing features to get really cool images. 
I also used the letter to create parts of words in my collage pieces or to create negative space. 
{this piece has already lived several lives- it was a Christmas piece that I re-upcycled again into this! I love the square frames so much!}
This framed collage piece is one of my favorites (I know, I shouldn't have favorites but this one really hits my favorite colors and techniques).  Most of my frames come from estate sales, garage sales, friends leaving things on my porch or from roadside finds. However, sometimes stores have crazy sales on pieces. This had a horrifying pig picture in it so I got it for just dollars! Luckily, there were like three horrible pigs! I'll have to stay on the lookout for the wolf now! 

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