Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Follow your Heart

I'm obsessed with crayon art. I love all the different things you can do to make an old, dull crayon have a second chance at life. However, sometimes my creations are a little dangerous. I know you're wondering what's so dangerous about CRAYONS!?

Well, I should confess to you that I don't have a sense of smell. Rarely can I smell things. A random coffee here, a pot of my favorite soup simmering on the stovetop or sometimes a minty addition to my bath catch an olfactory nerve and I'm in heaven. But 99% of the time- nothing. Nada. Zilch.

So, I'm hanging out in my studio. All the lights are blazing and two computers are up and running. The television, cable box and surround sound are cranking. I'm buzzing from too much coffee and more ideas than time. Em comes in and changes the channel to one of those ghost story shows. The scary reenactment ones. I don't even notice because I'm feeding crayons through the glue gun. On Pinterest they make it look easy. It's not. I'm burning my fingers. The muscles in my entire body are pushing on this little glue gun (I didn't want to risk ruining my big, good one)! We are in a full out fight! I think I might be winning. Em goes upstairs to start dinner (when I'm in the ZONE I can't be bothered with domestic duties) and I glance up to see that this lady is about to be attacked by the ghost on tv when BAM! Spark! Smoke!

I scream and jump. I'm sure that ghost is about to get me. Wait. Smoke? Yep. The hot glue gun had caught fire and blew the power for the entire house. "Couldn't you tell how hot it was?" That's the question following the pitter-patter of the footsteps flying down the stairs. Well. Yes. Of course I knew it was hot. It's a hot glue gun. However, I could not smell the smoke! And she wouldn't let me plug that hot glue gun in again. Ever! Good thing I had another hot glue gun and she still had dinner to make.

I hope you enjoy this piece. It wasn't easy to make! It will be one of the focal pieces for First Friday on February 1, 2013, in Downtown Bloomington at Kelly's Bakery & Cafe. See you there 5-8.

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