Sunday, January 20, 2013

Love is in the Air

     We are in preparations for the First Friday in February: Tour de Chocolate in Downtown Bloomington.  Mark your calendar for February 1, Friday, from 5-8.  We will have our lovely opening at Kelly's Bakery and Café that evening.  Stop in for "Chocolate Soup" from the bakery and check out the new pieces on the walls from Our Kitchen Table Creations!  Make sure to make your way through all of downtown for lots of chocolate treats and then head to the Castle to see Chicago Farmer...that's our plans for the evening. (I love him! Check him out on iTunes.)  For the February First Friday my pieces will be on display and if you see something you like, you pay at the counter and can take your item at the time of purchase.
     Love is in the air and I've got some great new pieces for the show. Lots of new techniques and experiments have made their way into the creations.  I've been really enjoying my time in the studio this three day weekend! Don't you love how the wood from my new cabinet looks behind these letters? I have a whole line of these pieces. Stay tuned to see pictures from my new studio and to sneak peeks at the pieces that will be on display starting February 1. 

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