Sunday, February 3, 2013

From My Mom's Kitchen Table

While I was home for Christmas Break visiting my parents and taking some much need relaxation time, my mom shared with me her beautiful creations.  Since she didn't have a sale coming up for February I BEGGED her to let me display her beautiful pieces.  Her collages are such masterpieces and I'm excited to share the walls at Kelly's Bakery and Café with her this month. .  Mom is so much better at the book boards, tags and swags than I am.  I like big pieces but mom is an expert with adorable smalls! Easy to give to a sweetheart, loved one or friend this Valentine's Day.
The top picture is an adorable heart embellished with dainty little flowers and the cutest vintage image.  The DREAM sway is so beautiful. I hope that it doesn't sale while on the walls at Kelly's Bakery and Café so I can hang it in my bedroom.  It has such magical colors that it would fit in any of my rooms: green, yellow, tan, blue!
The bird with the flowers says, "tweet, tweet."  As if it wasn't already cute enough with those feathers! Mom added 3-d elements that let the bird pop off the board.  The LOVE swag is so adorable. We have two of these at Kelly's for sale.  The swags have been backed with thick paper and are put together in a professional manner. My mom always says, "The devil is in the details." She's very thorough and it comes through in her masterpieces.
The Mona Lisa board is an amazing collage of various papers.  The pinks play perfectly on the board and compliment Mona Lisa wonderfully.  The final picture is one of my favorite pieces that my mom made! Hey Cupcake! TOO CUTE! I love all the layers she incorporated and how the cupcake takes center stage with the little girl.  She just makes my heart smile.


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