Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I got it from my momma!

Of all the things I got from my momma, I'm glad I got her eye for colors, textures, patterns, design and putting all those together.  I wish I had gotten her knack for cleaning as well. But I didn't.  So I spend today playing in my studio using her pieces as inspiration for my own creations. Not cleaning my house.  Again today.  I'm okay with this.

These are three more of the pieces that I picked up from mom while home visiting her.  Each time she pulled out a piece she had completed I squealed with delight.  Mom has a great technique for antiquing frames and adding texture to them.  She's only shared a few of her tips and tricks with me.  I think that the only way she'll share more is if I go home and visit her more!

 These are on display at Kelly's Bakery and Café during the month of February.  I love how her pieces look with mine up on the walls!

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